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Ingo Pickhan is chillwalker. Since he turned 16, he has been working for tv and radio stations as composer.While he was studying musicology and communication studies at WAK Cologne he worked for several AV-Studios in the postproduction period,among them “Die Wache (RTL), “Lukas (ZDF), “Parkhotel Stern (SAT1) Addional to the above he composed his own songs as well as remixes for others while working for EMI, Polydor and many more. In 1996 his song Mambo King, which he composed for Irina was honored with the silver award of the Pop Throphäe. Surprisingly nobody noticed the fact that it had been a parody. After he received his Diploma in communication,he accepted a postion as FFF-producer at Metra Studios Cologne. He was responsible for the composition and production of commercial trailers for radio and television for REWE, Bosch, OPEL and also for the federal government. Later on he started working for investor relations in FFM assigned to control the audiovisual post production services for 2years. As of June 2002 he’s been working as a free composer and producer for several companies in music and advertisement.


Agency: DAHT Event & Media



Nationality: Germany