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Dee C’rell


Currently considered as one of the most exciting musicians within electronic and acoustic music by a vast array of the most significant DJ’s in the world, Dee C’rell’s music is increasingly influential worldwide. His music readily appears on a variety of record labels and radio stations within electronic and acoustic music, and his name is synonymous within music genres; such as, downtempo, lounge, nu-jazz, jazz, ambient and chill-out, amongst others. He currently owns the contemporary record label, Holm Records, which also releases many of Dee C’rell’s compositions and his collaborations with various artists. In 2012, Dee C’rell released the album Modal Times which included jazz legend Torsten de Winkel and Audun Waage to critical acclaim. He released further works such as, Hymn from Journeyman, The Birth of Contemporary Electro-Acoustic Jazz, Turning, Within Serenity, Particles, Elements in Blue, Places Continued, Nomadicology and Images. Additional tracks such as, Departure, Together, Other Lands, Form 2, Black from the Day, Edifs Tale and many others, have appeared on a variety of CD’s and digital albums; such as, EMI’s Chillout 6 P.M, Lounge Du Soleil, Future Jazz Café, Klassik Lounge Nightflight, Nu Cool Jazz Vibes, Lingerie Lounge, chillinglounge and Sapphire Lounge, amongst others, earning Dee C’rell notable global recognition. He continues to release electronic and acoustic music on Holm Records and Lemongrassmusic, and other exclusive record labels. Dee C’rell also remixes for some of the most prominent artists within various genres of electronic and acoustic music making practices.


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Nationality: UK