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Alex Elvil


From a very young age, Alejandro Paoletti aka Alex Elvil has been surrounded by a great musical atmosphere. His father, DJ in the 70’s and 80’s, introduced him to sounds which would later define his future in music. During his adolescence he practiced and studied music. Entered the rock circuit as a drummer. Experimented within several styles,  Rock, Punk Rock, Pop, electrónica … Later being often part of the famous “CLUB XXI Tent” in which great electronic DJ’s spinned, like Carlos Alfonsín, Luis Nieva, Zuker, Romina Cohn, Benedetta, Rowan Blades, Spitfire, among others … He became interested in it and turned to mixing and production software. His a.k.a. changed to Alex ElVíl (tribute to his father who was his teacher and active part of this project). From that great change new sounds and musical styles arose, which got him to meet both national & international DJ’s. As far as live sessions go, he’s played at local events, Sets on live shows, Live sets on online radios, etc. Nowadays, he’s part of BeatLounge Music’s Staff with his monthly radioshow BeatClub, where he presents new sounds and musical tendencies from different electronic music genres. House and its subgenres (Progressive House, Deep House, Tech House, etc.) are some of the styles that can be heard in his sessions. He also creates his own productions and remixes, where you can see his own personality and style.


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