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Music Lover, Producer, Artist and Sound Mixer. He does not consider himself a DJ, but rather an sound ambience creator. Began his love of music like many of us, in childhood. Music accompanies him all day. At his childhood house Tango was listened to a lot, same as Folklore, and melodic music, Disco and Rock. Got his first album at 8, Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”, produced by Quincy Jones. He always liked the songs that his teenage friends considered “weird”. Blames the Internet as his accomplice in his music activities. After rejecting to become part of any Social Network during a long time, he yielded and finally used the Internet as a massive means of communication.

Founded his old “Music Lewait” website in 2010 while at the same time was working at BeatLounge Music as music Advisor. It was Alejandra Iorgulescu, BeatLounge’s Producer, who would offer him then to mix a set and participate more actively in BeatLounge Music and thus his “LoungeStyle” Show was born, which had been brewing on Facebook already but in a weekly format and an informal way. The demo liked, and in a very short time he was to air a monthly edition, which became the most successful show in BeatLounge in 2011.

lewait! He is prolific and in this site you can find not only many volumes of LoungeStyle, but also sets of varied genres such as ElectroTango or NeoSoul, sets created exclusively from Covers, Acoustic music, SoulFul and even “mainstream” music. At the end of 2011 and thanks to BeatLounge’s Producer encouragement, lewait! begins to mix his own sets, which asides from sorting them in a unique way to his own logic, now adds the flavor of the mixture. We also find a section dedicated to one of his big loves, photography, architecture, art and nature reflecting his main interests under the watchful gaze of lewait! who through this expression and using Instagram technology for the postproduction of each frame, tries to convey his idea of “beauty”.


Agency: Alejandra Iorgulescu



Nationality: Argentina

Resident in: Downtown Rosario