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Tim Angrave

Tim Angrave


Tim Angrave has always had a deep passion for music. After building up a reputation producing chill out and ambient music, Tim’s work evolved to express deep electronic sounds with house undertones whilst retaining the ethereal influences of his musical past. You’ll find all of Tim’s music emotively driven, with inspirations from different styles of music, people and environments, past and present.
A successful broadcaster Tim is involved with various radio stations globally, he has a highly prosperous iTunes podcast called ‘The Chillout Lounge Mix’ which has had over 4.5 million downloads, it has included new talent and an array of world class artists. His unique style of mixing various genres, track selection and ability to work closely with the artists and labels he includes on his show have been a big part of this success story. Tim’s proficiency to compile, present and promote this form of music has gained him huge respect from the industry with many keen to work with him.
Off the back of the success of Tim’s highly successful podcast, utilising the huge fan base he’s attracted and the group of artists Tim has bonded with, he is soon to launch his record label ‘The Chillout Lounge Recordings’. He has already signed material from such luminaries as Chris Coco & Pete Gooding, and will be adding his own productions and remixes to the releases on an ongoing basis. This will be Tim’s platform to forge a deeper path into his art, and to make his mark on this musical movement.




Nationality: UK