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BeatClub 001 (COMP)

BeatClub 001 (COMP)

Label: BeatLounge Records

Release date: 08 Feb. 2014

Catalog number: BEATLOUNGE006



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Play the Game (Original Mix)
Maya Jane Coles
Anja Schneider
Ghetto Blaster
Rodriguez Jr., Ray Okpara
All You Need (Lee Van Dowski Remix)
Miss Kittin, Lee van Dowski
Let's Roll (Mould & Niko de Vries Remix)
Daniel Fernandes
Love Letters
Inside Me (Original Mix)
Alex Elvil
Red River
Eddie Hu
Four Chords Deep (Original Mix)
Daniel Dubb
Prisoners of a Metric Space
Bicycle Corporation
Jey Indahouse Pres. Chizsoul - Melancolius ( Melodica Ibiza Mix)
Jey Indahouse
Without You
Enlightening Dancing
Mariano Sinestesia
Summer Time (Stefan Cordery Remix)
Dellmon, Stefan Cordery
Try (Feat. Anna Love (Stark & Noisser Original)
Dan Stark, Noisserpxe Oidua

Alex Elvil is celebrating! “BeatClub”, his Radioshow, reaches its first three years on the air and together with BeatLounge Records, decided to celebrate it among friends. Maya Jane Coles, Anja Schneider, Rodriguez Jr., Miss Kittin, Eddie Hu, Bicycle Corporation, Jey Indahouse are a few of the artists that have been played much on the show and so, why not have them be part of this album? Together with other artists such as Daniel Fernandes, Alexkid, Daniel Dubb, Blaire, Mariano Sinestesia, Dellmon and Dan Stark, they have been invited to be part of this first volume in what promises to be a smart and interesting new series of yearly compilations.