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Lena Molfa & Mariano Sinestesia | The Backbone of Night (EP)

Lena Molfa & Mariano Sinestesia | The Backbone of Night (EP)

Label: BeatLounge Records

Release date: 20 June 2016

Catalog number: BEATLOUNGE018




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The Stuttgart´s Wind
Lena Molfa, Mariano Sinestesia
Looking for Shelter
Lena Molfa, Mariano Sinestesia
A Night at the Neckar´s Shore
Lena Molfa, Mariano Sinestesia

After learning about Dirk Maassen’s work and inviting him to participate on his “CinemaScapes” radioshow, Argentinean Mariano Sinestesia met his violinist, Lena Molfa. Resident of Germany but with her soul in her native Ukraine.
Mariano says: “For a long time I wanted to make an album with greater preponderance of strings, while maintaining an interest in complex rhythmic structures and tonal variations. Always using nature or social environment field recordings. To express in a musical language and in the most emotionally possible way something recurring for me: duality, light and the darkness, peace and war, conflict and peace of mind”.

This is an EP without preconceived rules or roles, that emerged in a very natural way, and from the very beginning emphasized the creative affinity of this new duo, since all tracks were produced long-distance, based on improvisations by both, in different formats and tools, except for Lena’s ever present strings.

After 9 months of intense work, “The Backbone of Night” is born! An album where the complexity of the subjects addressed permeates every chord, every sound, accomplishing brilliantly the only initial objective: reach the finish line without constraints, in a sound (and visual) space that creates a perfect mirror for the duality of humanity, and… maybe: for this new team , which we expect more collaborations in the future for BeatLounge Records!?


“The Argentinian electro-acoustic tenth album of Mariano Sinestesia composed equitably with the talented violinist Lena Molfa from Germany is a masterclass in tonal diversity, expressionist narrative and finespun drama. The duo utilises, violins, cello, found sounds and electronics to build textures and moods. In the purity of its construction and its emotional heft. “The backbone of Night” is a deeply satisfying reworking of the classic forms from the musicians. Affecting and hypnotic. A Voyage that conjures a breathless drama. The Ep fullness and freedom are staggering, its eloquence something to behold”.
Adam Riet