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EP1 by IIBE | On Sale Now!

Atmospheric, nostalgic, experimental, surrounded by melancholy and with the darkness of the night as an accomplice, IIBE, the latest artist to be signed to our label, delivers from Norway her “EP1”, consisting of 4 tracks reminiscent of TripHop sounds, lullabies and her beautiful voice irrigating everything.

01. Snow
02. Hidden
03. Sigh
04. Em



01. Can you quote any artist, genre or image that has inspired you to explore the composition path for this EP or one of its tracks?

I do get very inspired by other peoples’ art. Especially the first time I hear or see something amazing. I’m in awe and think “I wish I could recreate this feeling …” It’s fleeting though, because by the time my songs really start to take shape, the feeling is long gone and my music takes on an emotional identity of its own. On this EP, there is a reference to one of the artworks in the exhibition “NYC 1993: Experimental Jet Set, Trash and No Star” in the song ‘Em’. The atmosphere of that room really stuck with me on my way home from visiting the city, writing on the plane.

Early Björk, trip hop and Nordic electronica have really shaped my musical taste, but also traditional lullabies, old jazz and blues influence me. There is something in the way these old, rudimentary musical structures manage to convey atmosphere and emotions that I find really moving.

02. Some artists feel very influenced by their environment, either the climate, artistic scene, the way they live in a certain region, etc… and others, are not. What is your case?

Norwegian nights; both the very short, light ones of the summer and those never-ending dark winter nights we have, take up space on this EP. The songs have been created over a few years, but always at night because that’s when I have the time.

03. In your BIO, you say that you felt frustrated using acoustic instruments to search for your own sound, do you think that this EP is faithful to the sound that you had in mind?

I never felt accomplished enough as an instrumentalist to trust that I could express and create in a way that sounded like something I wanted to hear. I learnt to play as a child, and tried to pick it up again, but didn’t put in enough practice to ever be very good or feel secure as an artist. I pretty much sucked at rehearsing. I just never felt particularly creative doing it, much more so in the loops and songs I hummed in my head or aloud when I was alone. And by working with electronic music it became so much easier to let those tunes out of my head, and grow even further. It also felt quite liberating to be able to do it all alone, without having to rely on better instrumentalists than me.

04. Do you think that this is the road that your music will continue on?

I’m continuing in the same general direction, but I think the music I’m working on now is darker, more feisty and perhaps with less longing. My confidence with the tools and actually putting music out there is growing, and even though very few people have heard any of it I’m becoming less concerned with what people think about my music. I hope that’s a good thing.


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