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“Catwalk” by Shakes + Seven | On Sale Now!

We are proud to announce a great new band signed to our label: They are Shakes + Seven! They began as a collaboration between DJ/Producer Chris Shakes (Romania) and singer Cay-T (The Netherlands). On a musical journey together they explore genres like: Smooth Jazz, Funk and Soul. Together with Hip-Hop beats it blends to a style that is best described as ‘lounge’. To share more about them with you, we decided to interview them and below is what they had to say. Thanks guys!

“Catwalk” by Shakes + Seven (Official Release: 29 Nov. 2015)

  1. Best Friends
  2. Shadows On The Wall
  3. What Am I
  4. So Much Better
  5. Starlight
  6. Dready Man
  7. Pay Back Time
  8. Miracle
  9. Missing
  10. Dust In Your Nose
  11. Sleep At Night
  12. Catwalk

Listen and Download

1) We all ask ourselves the reason for the name of the band, Shakes+Seven, where does it come from?
It’s our lucky number:) a magic number! between the first contact of Chris & Cay-T to the second time it’s 7 years.

2) Interesting album cover artwork, seems to be related to the 90’s style, isn’t it so?
We have Omar Brunt, a very interesting artist doing the artwork for every track. We are very lucky to have him.

3) Catwalk, this new album, has a very particular style. If you had to label it under just one genre, which would it be?
This is a hard one to answer We are really music lovers of all genres. And we make music and lyrics from the soul, with influences of the moment,
feelings. Catwalk is a chapter of our life, the choice of Cris to come to the Netherlands. Living in the same house, feeling the same energy, sharing thoughts, talking about the old days. Politics and religions and our vision that only Love and Peace is the solution. So let’s choose the most general one … Popmusic?

4) When we listen to the volacls on this albm, we also get echoes from other artists such as Rosin Murphy, Siouxsie or Grace Jones. Have you been told this before?
Thank you! Retro dark:) Cay-T career as a singer started in the 80’s with winning a big talent show in the Netherlands. She performed “Love is a Battlefield” (Pat Benater) But yes, Grace Jones … we’ve heard that one before:)

5) Which are your favorite artists?
We have many, but we like to listen to Thievery Cooperation, Moby, Massive Attack, Gard du Nord. But also U2, Donna Summer and Adele … we have so many! Old and new, there is so much beautiful music.

6) In today’s heavily technological world that we live in, with “Catwalk” we hear and we enjoy a lot of analog sounds! is the entire band analog?
Mostly yes, but instruments such as trumpets, acoustic guitars and percussion are not :)

7) “Miracle” … tell us about this song, please?
Wow … hmm every track is a personal one. This is what Mr. Shakes calls it a hopeful one. Making Choices, to pull yourself together. You can change your life if it feels miserable. Your life is in your own hands. Just do it and miracles happen:)

8) Some Shakes+Seven band members are from Romania, some from the Netherlands, right? Are there any other from other countries? and how do you think that this cultural exchange have an advantage in your music, if any?
Chris comes from Romania and lived for 7 years in Italy. When they started together they were a sort of studio band. Chris has been living in the Netherlands for 1 year now. We like to collaborate with good musicians, until now they are all from the Netherlands, playing in different bands. That is why it is exclusive to have the whole band together.

9) We hear that you plan on promoting this release with a great live show in the Netherlands? can you tell us a bit more about this?
Yes it will be different than just a concert. It is a show, full of artists we work with, like the rapper Maxxo. We have a beautiful dancer and visuals by Omar, a real show on December 27th, with delicious food and after party at a beautiful location. Dance, listen eat, Lounge, drinks. We like to have interaction with the people, create a perfect atmosphere. We love it

10) Any message for our audience?
Spread Love, not war. And keep tuned to BeatLounge Radio.

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